San Francisco man wanted for explosives is in custody, FBI says

A San Francisco man, who has been wanted by the FBI since they raided his home over the weekend, is now in FBI custody.

A law enforcement source who was briefed on the case tells ABC News that 42-year-old Ryan Kelly Chamberlain II was arrested Monday right under the Golden Gate Bridge. It's unclear if he was in a car or on foot at the time.

The capture came after a day of dramatic and cinematic cat-and-mouse with the hunted man.

"We had been close to him all afternoon," the scource said. "We never could quite get to where he was. We would find out he was in a particular location 10 or 15 minutes after he was there. He was working his way through the city."

Chamberlain was being trailed by a sizeable task force, made up of FBI agents and local cops.

Multiple agencies, including hazmat crews, carefully searched Chamberlain's apartment Saturday in San Francisco's Russian Hill neighborhood. Crews rigged a pulley system to remove a tool box from the one-bedroom unit where the FBI says dangerous items were found.

"He had explosives. There was no chemical, biological or radiation known at this time," FBI spokesman Peter Lee said.

The search went on for more than 14 hours, and paralyzed his entire neighborhood for fear of explosives and reports of biological agents.

The search warrant used to enter his home remains under seal. Authorities won't release any information on what led them to Chamberlain's apartment Saturday or what the motive may have been for the 42-year-old to possess the explosives.

Friends say Chamberlain has been acting strangely since losing his job in November. Neighbors described him as a quiet man.

ABC News contributed to this report.

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