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Corona del Mar High School cancels homecoming dance after report of intoxicated students at football game

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Corona del Mar High School has canceled its homecoming dance following a report that students were under the influence at a recent football game. (KABC)

Corona del Mar High School has canceled its homecoming dance and pep rally following a report that students were under the influence at a recent football game.

In a video message that aired on campus on Monday, Principal Kathy Scott delivered a stern scolding, calling the students' behavior inexcusable.

"As a consequence to the extremely inappropriate and totally inexcusable behavior demonstrated at the football game this past Friday evening, the homecoming activities on Oct 6th and 7th have been canceled," Scott says in the video.

The crackdown stems from what Scott describes as embarrassing behavior by a large group of students who were allegedly under the influence of alcohol and drugs at the school's most recent football game held at Orange Coast College.

"You need to know, as always, we will and shall strictly enforce a zero tolerance policy," Scott says in the video.

In addition to the video message, Scott sent a letter to parents saying, in part, that while she appreciates those who behaved appropriately at the Friday game, "there was a large group of our student body who missed the mark and failed to represent CdM positively in a very public venue. These students violated our district policy for attending a school event under the influence or alcohol or controlled substance."

Parent Angela Bradford says she understands why the dance was canceled.

"I feel that it was necessary for them to cancel it, because it put their foot down and says we're not going to tolerate this behavior," Bradford said.

Parents and students say as many 75 students were suspended for several days due to the incident.

"That's just out control. When you're underage you shouldn't be drinking anyway, number one, and number two, a lot of the parents were intoxicated as well," Bradford said.

However, others say canceling the homecoming dance is going too far.

"You're punishing everybody because of a select bunch of idiots. I mean come on," said Gil Cottrell, a parent.

While some students say that not having a homecoming dance is disappointing, others say the decision to cancel is understandable.

"People were definitely sad about it, but it's a reasonable decision. What went on was not okay," said Juila David, a senior student.

In Scott's letter, she said due to the students' behavior, Orange Coast College will no longer allow the high school to use its facilities for sporting events. In addition, Scott said though the homecoming activities were canceled, the homecoming game will continue as scheduled.

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