Good Samaritan discusses saving 3 from drowning: ABC7 EXCLUSIVE

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A man who jumped into a motel pool to save a mother and her two children spoke exclusively to Eyewitness News Wednesday. (KABC)

A man who jumped into a motel pool to save a mother and her two children talks about his heroic efforts. He spoke exclusively to Eyewitness News Wednesday.

"I immediately dive in and I see her down there, so I pull her up," said Jamie Weddle.

Monday afternoon, Weddle dove into the swimming pool at a motel in Hollywood and rescued a mother and her two children. Weddle says he heard cries and screams from two children as he walked past the motel. He raced over and saw the victims submerged in the water and pulled them out one by one.

"I have been receiving word from others congratulating me and this whole hero thing -- I would just like to think that anyone would do that sort of a thing," said Weddle. "It's just what needed to be done. That's all I can really say about it."

Weddle pulled them out of the pool with the help of two others, who immediately started CPR on the mother.

Paramedics arrived and revived all three victims, who were then transported to hospitals in critical condition.

"I'm really hoping for the best outcome," said Weddle. "Another thing, for me as well, that I am really affected by in this situation are those two kids. Those two kids watched everything unfold. They were there before we were there, with that sense of helplessness."

Weddle says the victim's siblings told him that their 11- and 12-year-old brother and sister had somehow drifted into the deep end of the pool while playing in the shallow end and did not know how to swim. Their mother got in to rescue them, but she did not know how to swim, and all three went down.

"The importance of having CPR because you never know when a situation will come about," said Weddle. "The importance of all family members really needing to know how to swim, whether it be going to a local recreational center to get those lessons, anything just to avoid these sort of situations."

The mother and her daughter remain on life support Wednesday. The woman's son is breathing on his own.

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