'War Machine' waives extradition in Ventura court

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Jonathan Koppenhaver waived his extradition Tuesday and will be transferred to Las Vegas, where he's accused of beating an adult-film actress. (KABC)

Jonathan Koppenhaver, also known as MMA fighter "War Machine," appeared in court Tuesday, accused of brutally beating his adult-film actress ex-girlfriend and hiding out from police for a week.

Koppenhaver waived his extradition Tuesday and will soon be transferred to Las Vegas where the 32-year-old is accused of beating Christy Mack.

"He's not an animal. You guys have painted him to be a monster," Michael Koppenhaver, Jonathan's brother, told reporters at court in Ventura Tuesday.

Michael Koppenhaver spoke to Eyewitness News after his brother appeared in court in Ventura. Michael says his family is standing by his brother despite allegations the mixed martial arts fighter savagely beat up his former girlfriend, 23-year-old porn star Christy Mack and her boyfriend in Las Vegas on August 8.

Mack released photos of her battered face on social media. She suffered numerous serious injuries including 18 broken bones in her face, a fractured rib, lost teeth and a ruptured liver.

"It's terrible to see any person hurt like that," said Michael. "But I think you need to just be more objective and look at different sides of the story, instead of just looking at one."

Asked if he had have anything to say to Christy Mack, Michael Koppenhaver replied: "I just don't like lies."

There was a massive man hunt for "War Machine" following the alleged attack. Detectives tracked him down in a hotel in Simi Valley last week and arrested him on Friday.

"Jon did state that he would like me to come out here and release a statement to the media and tell them exactly what happened, and I am not going to do that at this time," said attorney Brandon Sua. "Jon, he's known for many things, and being a liar is not one of them.

Asked if Koppenhaver was innocent, Sua replied: "He will be found innocent, yes."

Jonathan Koppenhaver will be extradited to Las Vegas within the next 30 days.

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