4-year-old's love letter to classmate will melt your heart

(ABC News/Reddit)

It may not quite be a Shakespearean love sonnet, but a 4-year-old boy is melting hearts with an adorable love letter to a classmate.

Bennett's mom helped him write the letter to his crush Baily, but the words are all his.

"I think you are pretty like a horse or a ladybug," the letter states. I'm not sure which."

It appears this is more than just a school yard crush. Bennett even drops that 4-letter word.

"I love you and I lost a tooth last night," he wrote. "I think I would like to do a magic trick for you and then let you watch me battle robots."

It's hard to see how Baily cold possibly resist an offer like that.

Bennett's letter has gone viral ever since being posted to Reddit under the heading "If only adults could communicate this well."

There's been no word on Baily's response to Bennett's declaration of love, but according to Bennett's mom, he is having a birthday party this month and the whole class is invited -- especially Baily.

ABC News contributed to this report.
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