Man breaks world record with 79 hugs in one minute

Krishna Kumar of India gives out hugs in a world-record-breaking attempt. (Guinness World Records)

This hug enthusiast is not afraid to share the love.

Krishna Kumar of India broke a Guinness World Record when he hugged 79 people in one minute. He got through most of the line of 88 students who lined up to participate in the record attempt.

Students in Pradesh, India, line up to help Krishna Kumar in his world record attempt.

The previous record for "most hugs by an individual in a minute" belonged to Carrie Bickmore of Australia for hugging 77 people in 2014.

Kumar's feat could have been even more impressive, but some of his hug attempts could not be counted because they did not meet the official definition of a hug, which includes wrapping both arms around another person.

"Unfortunately the Guinness World Records records management team was forced to disqualify a number of squeezes which were more headlocks than hugs," the organization wrote.

Still, Kumar celebrated as time was called and told Guinness that he considered breaking a record to be "the highest level of human achievement."

Kumar is not the only hug enthusiast who holds a record. There is also a record for "most hugs given in a minute by a mascot," and, if speed hugging isn't your thing, individual hugging records for most hugs given in 24 hours, 8 hours and one hour.
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