Photographer recreates famous 'Top Gun' photo scene

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Photographer Blair Bunting wanted to test whether he could take the same canopy-to-canopy photo while in an inverted jet just as in the film 'Top Gun.' (Jaron Schneider/Vimeo)

In an amazing aerial stunt, a photographer partnered with a jet team to recreate a memorable moment from the 1986 film Top Gun.

In the film scene, Navy pilot Maverick (Tom Cruise) inverts his F-14 just above a Russian MiG, and co-pilot Goose (Anthony Edwards) snaps a Polaroid photo of the Russian pilots below them.

Photographer Blair Bunting wanted to test if such a canopy-to-canopy shot was possible while in an inverted jet, and partnered with the Patriots Jet Team to meet the challenge. The jets weren't able to get nearly as close together as depicted in the film, but Bunting still got the shot.

"Is the shot possible? Yes and no," said Bunting. "We got a little bit of a photo from it, but there's no chance Goose had anything that turned out halfway decent. He probably got the inside of his canopy flashing right back at him."

Bunting said he had a good time, though seemed regretful in his choice of camera equipment.

"We learned that you should never carry a really heavy camera inside of a cockpit where you're pulling Gs," said Bunting. "After checking with the doctors, they don't think I broke my collar bone."
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