INTERACTIVE!: THE EXHIBITION is Now Open at The Reagan Library! Save on Admission Here

INTERACTIVE!: THE EXHIBITION is now open at the Reagan Library! Experience virtual reality, see the first ever 3-D printed car, play 1980s video games and get an up-close look at iconic Hollywood characters, including a roving R2D2 from Star Wars, a T-800 endoskeleton from The Terminator, and a full-size Alien from the "Alien" films. Seek out resources on Mars with a remote-control version of the rover from the hit film "The Martian." Check out jetpacks, Marty McFly's hoverboard and even meet Baxter the Robot!

INTERACTIVE! is a family-friendly, highly engaging hands-on exhibit of innovation, creativity, science and wonder. Don't miss it!

Print the above coupon and bring it to the museum box office, and or use discount code ABC7 here:
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