Wind Wolves Preserve is 'best kept secret' for outdoor adventurers near Bakersfield

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KABC) -- For those looking for an outdoor family adventure, the Wind Wolves Preserve is the largest non-profit preserve in the West Coast, located 30 miles south of Bakersfield.

The 93,000-acre landscape is open seven days a week, and provides free camping and hiking opportunities, as well as outdoor education programs throughout the year.

The Wildlands Conservancy restored the location and 12 other landscapes in California through private donations.

Bakersfield residents said Wind Wolves Preserve is one of the area's best-kept secrets.

"We do a variety of programs for school children k-12," said Melissa Dabulamanzi, an outdoor educator at Wind Wolves Preserve. "One of them is from Native American lifeway to wetlands, ecosystem, and geology."

Visitors will also likely run into the reintroduced tule elk, one of the most popular species in the area with more than 400 in its herd.

"Great facility, wonderful hiking," said Bakersfield resident George White. "It's unbelievable that this much beauty and nature is available to us just a few miles out of town."

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