New version of classic franchise 'Scream' scaring up frights, fun for a new generation

In the new movie 'Scream' we see original cast members from the successful franchise passing the torch to a group of new stars
HOLLYWOOD -- The classic "Scream" franchise is making noise once again... this time, with some veterans from the first four films, including Neve Campbell and David Arquette, being introduced to a new group of characters... and they all revisit the legacy of "Ghostface."

"It's interesting because there's a younger group that's grown up now. And then they've fallen in love, and then gone back and seen the originals. And then everyone who saw it originally. And then part of that is the cast that we're working with now, this young group of amazing, talented actors, that brings so much to this," said Arquette.

"They knew what they were doing. They'd done their homework like they were fans, as you said, of these films already," said Campbell. "So they knew what kind of energy to bring to it. So no advice needed."

"No they were just so happy to be a part of it, as were we," said Arquette.

While there may not have been any formal advice offered, Campbell did tell the next generation of Scream stars about something she learned from original director Wes Craven: don't forget to have fun!

"When something seems so big and iconic, like the pressure of trying to meet that, I think we forget sometimes that inevitably, we're artists and actors, and we're meant to, like go out and play," said Campbell. "And if we play and we enjoy it, the audiences are going to feel that."

Courteney Cox and Marley Shelton also return to the fold for this version of "Scream." It's rated R and is in theaters now.
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