Zumba and yoga workouts adding strength to increase fitness levels

BURBANK, Calif. (KABC) -- Zumba class is a gym favorite, but this is a stepped-up version.

"This is actually called Strong by Zumba," said group exercise instructor Lisa Marie.

The difference is combining high-intensity interval training with plyometrics.

Why the change?

"A lot of studies have shown lately that high-intensity interval training achieves better results and quicker," she said.

High-intensity interval training, or HIIT, is a big trend.

It involves short bursts of explosive movement that when done properly will promote fat loss by creating a metabolism spike after the exercise.

"In Zumba you have so much fun but sometimes you feel something is missing," said student Isckra Ibarra of Burbank.

So Zumba got a face lift.

"Zumba fitness was the gateway to a lot of people and they are looking for something more now. And that's what Strong by Zumba is. It's the next step," said Marie.

Squats, lunges, planks and plyometrics are all involved.

"No pain no gain," said student Luz Camey of Burbank.

You'll also find added strength in yoga. Crunch Gym's Kim Waldauer created a workout called Beast Mode Yogi.

"I took the most powerful parts of yoga and the most powerful parts of TRX. They're my two favorite training systems, and I combine them together to create a killer intense total-body workout," Waldauer said.

Vinyasa yoga poses on the TRX - total resistant exercise - acts as a crutch or a challenge component to planks, lunges and other strength moves.

In both of these workouts there's plenty of weight. But in this case it's your own body's weight.

"Time under tension creates a huge amount of good stress in the body that builds muscle, builds cardiovascular ability," Waldauer said.

Both classes are found at Crunch gyms which offer a free day as well as online workouts.
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