Workplaces using apps to promote wellness among employees

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- "The most important thing a business can invest in besides the business is their people."

Franky Bernstein, CEO of Markett, lives out that credo. He brought yoga into the office from the app "Easy Pose" to help keep his employees on track.

Used by Ernst & Young, eHarmony, ChowNow and others, the companies realize that not everyone working together wants to sweat together, so they allow employees a choice. Take their exercise session at work or home at their cost.

Easy Pose CEO Ruben Dua believes his concept is unique. "I think the movement is towards preventative medicine now," Dua said.

Having a trainer at your doorstep at $70 to $80 a pop can be pricey, but Easy Pose works with companies to help bring the cost down.

Dua said each home yoga session averages $62. Worksite classes are about $100. "For every dollar you invest into corporate wellness you get $6 back," Dua said.

Whether it's in-house yoga or in-home yoga, improving wellness has its benefits.

A recent workplace study found health care costs are 33 to 50 percent less when employees walk more, eat healthy, don't smoke, drink moderately and have a waist size less than half their height.

The report also stated that employees feeling they have a "low quality of life" missed an average of 15 additional days off work.

A government commissioned RAND study found clinically meaningful improvements in exercise frequency, smoking behavior and weight control after a four-year period.
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