2 men shot near Studio City bar

STUDIO CITY, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Two men were wounded and hospitalized after being shot near a bar in Studio City early Saturday morning.

Authorities said the incident happened around 1:30 a.m. by the Rec Room Bar and Grill in the 12400 block of Riverside Drive. There were people outside the bar and in the parking lot when they heard the shots ring out.

Some said they heard a loud argument followed by gunfire. One witness ended up with bullet holes on his car.

"I heard a couple shots. It didn't seem like it sounded like a real gun, so I wasn't too sure. So I kind of went to look and see and heard a couple more go off so I went inside immediately," Terence Abaca said. "After that, we heard like a whole clip."

Abaca's window on the driver's side was shot out and he had bullet holes on one of the doors and the rear of his car. He said he and his friends were about to get in the car to go home when the shooting occurred.

Authorities said one of the men who was shot was transported to the hospital in an ambulance, while the second man was able to get himself in for treatment.

"The one that self-transported, at this point and time, we know he is a victim of a gunshot wound. We do not know whether or not he is a suspect in this incident or not," Lt. Ignacio Verduzco said.

Another witness said he came out of the bar and saw a man on the floor in the parking lot.

"There was another gentleman (in a corner.) There were four more shots fired while I was here," Altin Plasa said.

He added that a car sped off, but he did not get a good look at the driver.

Both shooting victims were listed in stable condition.

Authorities said a suspect is sought, but did not provide a description.

The investigation was ongoing.
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