2 planes clip wings at Hollywood-Burbank Airport

BURBANK, Calif. (KABC) -- A connecting plane that just landed at Hollywood-Burbank Airport clipped wings with another plane Tuesday night.

The incident happened around 9:29 p.m. as SkyWest Flight 4673 landed. The plane was operating as a Delta connection to Salt Lake City. As it was being taxied into a gate, it clipped wings with an unoccupied United plane at another gate.

"We're on a Delta plane and I guess they hit the continental plane and told us it was parked out too far, so that was what happened," witness Bernadette Kashdan said. "They got the stairs or whatever and slowly let us off. They didn't really let us know what was going on for a moment. It felt like we hit a body, I said, 'What did we just hit? Did we hit somebody?'"

The passengers on the Delta plane were let off the aircraft without any issues and they walked from the tarmac to their terminal.

The fire department was called out, but no injuries were reported.

Airport officials said runways remained open and the airport was operating normally.

The minor collision will be investigated, airport officials said.
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