Here are some of the Olympic plans in Long Beach

Sunday, August 26, 2018

LONG BEACH, Calif. -- Long Beach will play a large part in the 2028 Olympics. The city is set to host water polo, handball, triathlon, marathon swimming, BMX racing and sailing.

The city has rolled out its "8 by 28" plan. Eight capital improvements to be accomplished before the world descends on Los Angeles are as follows:

#1 Belmont Veterans Pier: For years, the pier was the place to watch sailing events. Two years ago, a storm damaged the pier and the 50-year-old structure has to be rebuilt at a cost of $30 million.

#2 Belmont Beach and Aquatics Center: The now demolished Belmont Olympic Plaza Pool will be replaced by the Belmont Beach and Aquatics Center. Currently, there is no event slated for the 125,000-square-foot, $103 million facility.

#3 Long Beach Arena: The Long Beach Arena, where handball is expected to be played, will be the focal point of the Long Beach Sports Park. About $24 million is slated to continue the venue's upgrades.

#4 Pine and Ocean Hotel: A hotel at the corner of Pine Avenue and Ocean Boulevard will also be part of the 8 by 28 project. The 30-story hotel will have 419 rooms and all the amenities.

#5 Blue Line Improvements: The Blue Line will be the main transportation choice for the Olympics. A $1.2 billion project to upgrade and refurbish the line is already underway.

#6 Lifeguard Tower Upgrades: All 20 existing lifeguard towers will be replaced.

#7 Concession Stands Improvements: Much like the lifeguard towers, these upgrades are for fans of the swimming events. The $3 million project is in the design phase.

#8 Long Beach Airport: Long Beach Airport has already begun phase two of a $70 million project. Work includes a new consolidated car rental area, new baggage handling and claim facilities. Work on the airport is expected to be completed in fall of 2021.