LA residents anxious as they try to reach family in Mexico after deadly 7.1-mag quake

DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Los Angeles residents are anxious as they try to get hold of their friends and family members in Mexico after a deadly 7.1-magnitude earthquake struck the region Tuesday.

One woman in downtown Los Angeles was in tears while at a store because she was unable to contact her son, who is in the country. Other people had breathed a sigh of relief after hearing from their loved ones.

Maria Vidriales' sister is in Mexico City and said she felt a strong shake while she was in a packed subway.

Agustin Iglesias said he and his family are scared of what they might find out because they haven't been able to get in touch with his mother, who lives near the epicenter.

"We've been trying to call her, but it won't go through," he said in Spanish.

He has to stay to take care of his business, but he said it's been tough since he doesn't know if his mother is OK.

Pictures and videos taken by people in Mexico showed buildings collapsing, people being rushed to emergency care and thousands of people out in the streets trying to flee from crumbling structures. A church building crumbled in one Instagram video.

The earthquake is the deadliest in Mexico since a 1985 quake happened on the same date. It killed thousands.

Electricity and cellphone service was interrupted in many areas.
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