Video shows river of mud rushing down Montecito street as family scrambles for safety

MONTECITO, Calif. (KABC) -- Dramatic new video shows what it was like for one Montecito family at the moment a wall of mud hit their home.

The video from Marco Farrell shows a river of mud gushing down the street.

He runs inside as he shouts at family members "close the door," "get ready to go out!" and "wake Dad up!"

Farrell says he and his parents and their dog hunkered down in a hallway filled thigh-high with water for more than an hour as the flood rushed through the home.

He and his family were eventually able to get to safety.

"The scariest thing was the sound," Farrell told ABC News. "It sounded like the scariest monster you ever heard, banging on your door."
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