Man takes photo of himself every day to track plastic surgery healing. The results are amazing.

Alan Crowley had been taking a photo of himself everyday until the unexpected happened: his face was left horrifically scarred following an unprovoked attack. After undergoing immediate reconstructive surgery, Crowley continued taking selfies to track the progress of his scar's healing. The results seem miraculous. Watch the video below, or see the photos above.

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According to Crowley, 25, he was "glassed" in the face by an unprovoked drunk man. Using the iPhone app, "Everyday" to document the process and converting all the photos into a time-lapse video, the 3-4 inch scar seems to miraculously fade away in due time. Online commenters are calling Crowley's video an inspiration to those facing reconstructive surgery after a trauma.

Crowley had only undergone only one surgery session the morning after the incident, which had lasted about four hours. The last photo in the time-lapse, where the scar appears to be completely healed, was taken merely seven months after the surgery.

"While damage after surgery/an assault may look bad initially, after months of healing the scars dramatically improve," wrote Crowley.

The man who had attacked Crowley was given a "custodial sentence to serve."

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