Man arrested after teen captures video of him allegedly masturbating in a car in Victorville

VICTORVILLE, Calif. (KABC) -- A teenager in Victorville captured disturbing footage of a man performing a lewd act on himself outside during the day.

The 16-year-old was walking home from school Monday afternoon when he noticed a man in his car appeared to be masturbating. Jeremiah Dugan, the teen's older brother, said his sibling started recording when he noticed the vehicle was following him.

"The car stopped a few times and as he walked past it, it would pull up and pull further up the street in front of him. Then it would stop again. At that point, he started recording because he felt it was pretty suspicious," he said.

As the teen continued recording, Dugan said the suspect asked his brother a question.

"Then the guy talked out the window asking him like 'Do you know what time it is?' Basically he was masturbating while he was asking the question. He wanted my brother to watch him for some reason," Dugan said.

After, he said the suspect drove away. His brother managed to snap a picture of the black BMW with paper plates.

Disgusted by what happened, Dugan took to social media and posted about the incident. The video was later uploaded to the Victor Valley News Group's Facebook page.

Hours after it went viral in the high desert, Victorville police arrested Brad Winston Powell, 27, after someone recognized the suspect.

"I wanted to react with violence, but obviously I couldn't find the guy so that's why I made the Facebook post so someone else could find him," Dugan said. "I'm extremely grateful. That's what I wanted. I just wanted this guy to get caught."

Powell faces two felony charges, including indecent exposure.
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