Actress Alice Lee co-stars in new series 'Take Two'

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Alice Lee has been a working actress since graduating from NYU a few years ago. Her latest role is on ABC's crime drama "Take Two."

Lee likes the fact that her character of "Monica" is unique in the world of television.

"I mean, she's very quirky," said Lee. "I just haven't played someone that quirky, her humor is very dry, and so it's very different. Her outfits are loud, she has a lot of personality, but then when she's actually doing human connection she's kinda awkward."

Lee knows her presence as an Asian American actor on a network television show is relatively rare.

"I'm very grateful. You never feel like a role model, you never feel that, but I mean, for sure, hopefully you see more Asian people on screen, it gives hope to all the other Asian kids," laughed Lee.

Lee started out in musical theater, and worked on Broadway. The thought of a role on a weekly television series was just a dream.

"I remember thinking I wonder if I'll ever be on set, and be an actual character, because I was in ensemble a lot, in the background, and sometimes you wonder if it's ever gonna happen" said Lee. "It's kinda cool. It really is."

"Take Two" airs at 10 p.m. on Thursday nights on ABC.
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