Bill proposes option to do 10-hour, 4-day work weeks over standard 8-hour, 5-day week

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- California business advocates are rallying in support of a measure to give employees the option of a flexible work week.

The proposal would allow employees to request to work four 10-hour days instead of the traditional five eight-hour days.

The assembly bill has been introduced and killed multiple times over the last decade. Business advocates are hoping this time lawmakers can see the bill as a win-win for both companies and employees.

"This is one that we can continue to bring to the front and say - especially in a changing economy and a changing workforce - that employees and employers should be able to come to an agreement and say that if you want this custom work week that works for you and we're OK with it and we can agree. That would be allowed under law," said Shawn Lewis, with NFIB California.

Under current laws, employers are required to pay overtime for anyone who works more than eight hours in a day. The new law would eliminate that and allow for more flexibility.
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