'Ralph Breaks the Internet' star Sarah Silverman says film holds mirror to all of us

Comedian Sarah Silverman, who voices spunky sidekick Vanellope in "Ralph Breaks the Internet," says the movie holds up a mirror to all of us, showing how the internet impacts people of all ages.

"Even though this is, you know, a Disney movie, I feel like it's really about the human condition and very much about where we are right now. You know, we're, so much of the country, we're afraid of change. We're terrified of progress. We're afraid of the unknown," Silverman said.

Silverman believes that this movie is even more powerful because it deals with the "monster" that baffles many of us -- technology.

"I think it holds up a mirror to all of us at every age. You know, what does the internet do? It builds us up, breaks us down and makes us feel riddled with insecurity, and all these things are external. We're pinning our worth on these just disenfranchised voices on the internet, and so it is, it's interesting how human it is somehow it really is about all of us," she said.

"Ralph Breaks the Internet" is in theaters now and is rated PG.
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