EXCLUSIVE: LASD teaches public how to survive active shooter situation in new video

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- They come out of nowhere, unpredictable and with lighting speed. From the furthest corners of the globe to our own backyard, active shooter tragedies are occurring with increased and frightening regularity.

In 2000, the U.S. saw one active shooter incident. In 2010, 26 incidents were reported.

Although law enforcement repeatedly trains for these situations, the shooting is usually over by the time they arrive.

That's why the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department has produced a video to arm the public with knowledge on how to survive an active shooting event.

Warning: This video contains graphic content. Tap to view if on News app.

"We wanted to be able to take a leadership role and bring public attention to the crisis that we're facing and to be able to give people, who unfortunately find themselves in a situation, to know what their options are," Los Angeles County Sheriff Jim McDonnell said.

"Whatever you train to do is what you'll do in a crisis," McDonnell said. "Similarly, in the community that we serve, we want people to be able to have thought about it so that muscle memory takes them away from the threat should something happen."

With the help of Hollywood professionals, the scenes in the video play out with shocking realism in an effort to prepare the public for a real situation.

"The scenarios are actually based or inspired by true events," said Sgt. Harry Drucker, who produced the video.

He added: "When they (active shooter situations) do occur, there is blood. There is violence. We don't want to sugarcoat any of that."

Almost half the incidents in the past few years have occurred in places of commerce, such as businesses with foot traffic, the workplace and malls.

Below are a few steps the video suggests:
  • Get out - When an attack begins, stay calm and try to leave the location if possible. Visualize your movements in advance. Use cover and try to stay out of sight during an escape. Look for emergency exits or windows as ways to get out.

  • Secure location - If escape is not possible, lock or barricade doors, turn off lights, move away from windows and silence cell phones. Remain quiet and do no alert the shooter to your presence.

  • Defend yourself - As a last resort, almost anything can be turned into an improvised weapon. Look for an object that will disrupt the shooter's ability to see, breathe or control their weapon.

For more information, visit activeshooter.lasd.org.

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