5 men from Texas arrested on suspicion of robbing people after bank visits in Torrance

TORRANCE, Calif. (KABC) -- Torrance police arrested five men from Houston, Texas, on suspicion of robbery, conspiracy and vehicle burglary Wednesday.

Authorities said the suspects were involved in "bank juggling," which is a term that describes suspects who sit in bank parking lots and watch customers carrying bank bags in order to rob them or their vehicles.

On Tuesday, a victim who left his bank bag in his parked car lost $16,000 when it was broken into while he was having lunch at a Taco Bell.

Investigators quickly identified multiple suspects and then watched them commit a robbery Wednesday after a customer left a Hanmi Bank in Los Angeles. Stolen money and binoculars were recovered during follow-up searches.

The suspects were identified as Trey Dickerson, 25, Sebastian Glass, 20, Shai Fields, 24, Adrian Caldwell, 26, and Darrian Haywood, 27.

Torrance police encourage the community to immediately secure bank bags and envelopes after visiting their bank or credit union. They are also urged to report any and all suspicious activity.

The investigation into the burglary case is ongoing.
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