Woodland Hills family shows support for LAUSD teachers by making signs for picket line

WOODLAND HILLS, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- A family in Woodland Hills where three children attend three different LAUSD schools created picket signs and showed their support for teachers going on strike Monday morning.

The Peterson family stayed up late Sunday night and had dozens of people in their home as they created signs to be part of the strike with teachers. But for some parents, it'll be a tough decision on whether to send their children to school or not.

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Despite 30,000 teachers walking away from their job to strike all over Los Angeles County, the district said schools will be open with classes still going on and hot meals being served.

Yevette Peterson said it's important to show support for teachers.

"We have been so passionate and so fired up to support our teachers. I feel so strongly - they're taking on so much, sacrificing much of their income in order to take on this fight for my kids, for our kids, for all of the kids at LAUSD. It's history making," she said.

She added that her children - Grace, Bryce and Pierce - will not be attending school.

"I feel so strongly about not sending my kids to school. I think that's one of the strongest ways that we can send a message to LAUSD and Superintendent Beutner," she said.

After several attempts to avert the strike, negotiations between LAUSD officials and the United Teachers of Los Angeles fell flat.

A Family Hotline has also been established for anyone with questions about the schools during the strike: (213)443-1300.
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