Mud and debris from storm cause damage to 4 Hollywood Hills homes

HOLLYWOOD HILLS, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Homes in the Hollywood Hills suffered some damage when mud and debris flowed into the yards of the structures following strong storms over the weekend.

Stewart Annand said it happened while he was sleeping. The hillside next to his home gave way, undermining his neighbor's concrete steps and wood fencing, sending mud and debris into the yards of two homes below in the 1500 block of Forrest Knoll Drive.

"With this heavy rain, it just broke away and caused this landslide down the hill," he said. "There was an asphalt barrier, but the force of the water it just went over the top."

All four homes were yellow-tagged over the weekend. The homeowners were urged to avoid the damaged areas. The worst of it happened at Annand's neighbor's home.

"I'm upset because we've been reporting the condition of this street for years," he said.

Annand believes the city is partially responsible. He said repeated requests for road repairs were ignored. To make matters worse, he said, there is new construction on his street and sandbags in the area he believes diverted the runoff toward his property.

"I'm mad because if they'd fixed it or repaired it slightly, this wouldn't have happened," he said.

Fire crews reminded homeowners to be aware of the threat of mudslides near their homes.

"There's a continual threat that's there that people need to be cognizant of - not overly worried - but to be aware of the potential hazards that are pertinent to their actual property," said Erik Scott, public information officer with the Los Angeles Fire Department.

On Monday, the homes were upgraded to a green tag, which means the property is safe for people to occupy.
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