LAPD holds active shooter response drill

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- The LAPD held an active shooter response drill at City Hall on Saturday, all to help the department and other agencies prepare for a worst-case scenario.

Officers with guns drawn surrounded City Hall as victims were helped out of the building during the drill.

"Victims of gunshots. There was a search for the suspect, which they requested SWAT, for example, to come in to do methodical search of the building," an officer explained.

Though it was only training, authorities know it could happen for real at a moment's notice.

The LAPD organized the multi-agency training before the deadly attacks in New Zealand, acts of violence that serves as a reminder of the risks the country could and has faced.

"We hope and pray it doesn't happen but we know it has happened. We've seen it in San Bernardino, we've seen it in places here, in the city of Los Angeles, in our own government, and we have threats all the time," said L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti.

For some officers, it may be the first time seeing an active shooter scenario. The practice gives them a chance to work through the chaos and confusion so they're better prepared when that real call comes in.

"Bringing people together to make sure that muscle memory is there when something goes down, to as quickly as possible taking that threat down and making sure that it is neutralized," Garcetti added.

LAPD Chief Michel Moore said the agency is in a constant state of improving its work and efforts to save lives.

Moore added that drills like this are vital in preparing for all kinds of possibilities
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