A look at potential impact to California economy if US-Mexico border is shut down

ANAHEIM, Calif. (KABC) -- President Donald Trump's threat to shut down the U.S.-Mexico border could have a big impact on the California economy, from what we pay for avocados, to so much more.

Consumers may soon find themselves paying more for their chilies, squash and any produce coming out of Mexico.

Trump tweeted: "If Mexico doesn't immediately stop all illegal immigration coming into the United States through our southern border, I will be closing the border or large sections of the border, next week."

A Northgate Gonzalez market shopper said the idea is a stupid one because the border allows for money to go from here to there and there to here.

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A shutdown of the U.S.-Mexico border could trigger an avocado crisis, causing the states to run out of avocados in about three weeks.

Ali Moezzi, the vice president of the produce department at the market, said that cash adds up to nearly $100 million a year for his 40 stores throughout Orange, Los Angeles and San Diego counties.

Half of what you see in the produce section at the market comes from Mexico, and a closed border isn't good for business.

The price of avocados has slowly crept up since Trump's tweet. It's set to double the day after this interview.

"The cost to our customer that we really want to take care of is actually going to go up, and they are the one that at the end are going to pay the price," Moezzi said.

That's if the item is there. Take Martha Almaguer's staple: The store's Roma tomatoes come exclusively from our neighbors to the south.

Almaguer counts on them for almost every Mexican dish coming out of her kitchen and says if you take our Romas, we are left with nothing.

The White House press secretary said the president is not working under a specific timeline to shut down the border, and recognizes Mexico for addressing his concerns with the flow of Central American immigrants.

Trump is scheduled to arrive in Los Angeles Friday after visiting Calexico to a part of the border that has been upgraded.
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