Mysterious photo leaves Twitter users stumped

It's a cruel challenge that will drive you mad, it's like a modern day, grown-up version of that childhood game "I-Spy."

A mysterious image is blowing up on social media and Twitter can't handle it.

Why? Because no one knows what they are looking at!

Posted online, the caption reads: "name one thing in this photo."

But no one can!

One Twitter user wrote: "I can't see anything, but I taste copper."

Another says, "I count at least three guelves," but what are guelves? That's not even a word!

Finally, some clarity, maybe... Twitter user "renabythe" posted a more realistic rendering of what the photo could be.

According to the site Live Science, no matter how much our brain tries to make sense of the image, it can't.

It recognizes a pattern, that's continuously disrupted by another recognizable pattern.

For instance, you may think you see a monkey in the lower right corner, but then it turns into something else.

That pattern disruption leads to feelings of discomfort and confusion, making it hard to categorize or understand what we're looking at.
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