Urban fruit picker wants to share the love in San Pedro

SAN PEDRO, Calif. (KABC) -- Army Linderborg is on a mission to spread the love in San Pedro, one piece of fruit at a time.

"People think I'm funny because I'll come knock on your door and talk about fruit trees," Linderborg said.

Linderborg started trading fruit with neighbors back in 2015 after she realized that the trees on her property produced too much fruit for her family to consume. Two years ago, she began hosting urban fruit picking tours in San Pedro through Airbnb.

"All over LA, there are fruit trees, but San Pedro has a really rich heritage. Everyone here came from somewhere else and those immigrants brought cuttings from their home countries and grafted them and planted them here."

Linderborg, along with San Pedro's Lara Hughey of Green Girl Farms, is applying for a $100,000 LA2050 grant to plant a public orchard in San Pedro, overlooking the Port of Los Angeles. To learn more, click here.

"They'll give you a voucher at WIC to spend a few dollars a month on produce, or you could give someone a map of all the fruit trees in the city," Linderborg said. "I want people to have access to all this. "
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