'Julius Weezer': Troubadour Theatre Company opens new Shakespeare-jukebox-parody mashup

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- The much-loved Troubadour Theater Company is going back to its roots to help kick off its 25th season. The troupe is again turning a Shakespearean tragedy into a musical comedy... this time by mashing up the story of Julius Caesar with the music of the rock band, Weezer.

So get ready for "Julius Weezer."

"This is sort like an interesting reunion of some of, like, the years and years of Troubie vets coming back for Shakespeare, which we haven't done as a company in a really long time," said cast member Joseph Leo Bwarie.

If you hear the word "Shakespeare" and you think you need a degree to decipher it... not here you don't!

"Sometimes you get scared. Sometimes the language can feel scary but I do think we have found a way in with characters," said cast member Cloie Wyatt Taylor. "Like, Cleopatra was not in 'Julius Caesar.' This is a cameo."

So is pop culture. Expect a little "Game of Thrones," even a commercial tag line just for fun. And joining the Troubies for the first time is an actor with a resume with about 50 years of credits. Andy Robinson plays Julius Caesar.

"I am not the clown of the singer or the dancer. I kind of bring my acting chops and my centeredness," said Robinson. "And I sort of like--I'm the straight man. Let's put it this way."

If this has you intrigued, you can see "Julius Weezer" through May 19 at The El Portal Theatre in North Hollywood.
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