Wrightwood, Caltrans prepares for crowds with snowstorm on the way

WRIGHTWOOD, Calif. (KABC) -- Caltrans began preparing roads and the town of Wrightwood began preparing for crowds with a snowstorm on the way.

De-icing trucks laid down brine along the southbound lanes of the Cajon pass Thursday afternoon. The transportation agency was taking added precaution should icy conditions form overnight.

With another winter storm on the way, the transportation agency is taking precautions should icy conditions form overnight.

"We could get some ice into the morning so we want to be ready for that. The de-icing agent helps break that up and it keeps temperatures a little bit higher on the roadway," said Terri Kasinga, Caltrans.

While the forecast isn't calling for a major snowstorm similar to the one that shutdown the pass last month, anyone heading up to the mountains to celebrate the long weekend should carry chains.

The California Highway Patrol warned drivers not to block narrow mountain roadways.

"Our biggest concern is people stopping on the side of the roadway, placing chains on their vehicle, or people stopping to play on the hillsides near the freeway," said Officer Michael Mumford, CHP.

In Wrightwood, businesses were anticipating a windfall of customers looking to enjoy fresh snow.

At Big Benny's Board Rentals, there will be extra staff in place to get skiers and snowboards ready to hit the slopes.

"It is perfecting timing - right before the Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend. That's our biggest weekend up here," said Trevor Masters, Big Benny's Board Rentals.

The holiday weekend will mean the two lane highway in and out of the mountain community will likely be packed.

"It is great for the community - all the people coming up - it makes our town survive. Everybody coming up is good for us, said Kevin Charkin, Wrightwood resident.

The CHP and sheriff's department will have extra staff on duty to maintain order and make sure everyone has an enjoyable time.

They're also urging visitors to make sure they pack their trash when they leave.
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