Peter takes away a rose after many call one woman 'fake' on 'The Bachelor'

NEW YORK -- One-on-One with Victoria P.
This week started with Victoria P.'s one-on-one date with Peter. He drove her around his hometown and they picked out a pair of cowboy boots for her. She was impressed that he likes to line dance. They headed into a concert at a venue where everyone was dancing. They had a great time together!

Later, Peter and Victoria P. had dinner in an aircraft hangar. She revealed to Peter that she grew up with a lot of uncertainty and that her mother struggled with addiction. Victoria really bared her soul and showed him who she was and he responded with a date rose!

Demi Returns for Group Date
Demi and two pillow fighting women smacked the women awake. Champagne and Killer (the pillow fighters) handed out lingerie to the women. It was hilarious - Kiarra calls lingerie "Linger - eee." Twitter exploded in that moment. Most of the ladies got sexy lingerie while Savannah got a moo moo. In the end, Alayah fought Sydney and beat her!

I suppose because Alayah won, Sydney got very jealous and told Peter that Alayah was a fake pageant girl. Of course, she competed in Miss USA, but that doesn't exactly make her fake. Peter believed Sydney completely and put Alayah on the defense. Aside from that drama, Kelley had a great connection with Peter on this date. In the end, Sydney got the date rose.

Cocktail Pool Party with Peter
Alayah continued to have to defend herself to Peter and all of the other women threw her under the bus. They just find her "fake." Also, Victoria P. told Peter that Alayah told her to not let the producers know that they knew each other from competing in pageants before the show. Alayah and Peter went back and forth so much that he ignored many of the other women! Alayah left their conversations always feeling better, and she thought she was able to rebuff the other women.

Rose Ceremony
Peter gave roses to:

1) Victoria F. (last week's group date)
2) Victoria P. (one-on-one date)
3) Sydney (this week's group date)
4) Kelsey
5) Hannah Ann
6) Natasha
7) Lexi
8) Madison
9) Shiann
10) Kelley

11) Kiarra
12) Tammy
13) Savannah
14) Deandra

Peter then walked out to talk to Chris Harrison. He didn't know what to do. He likes Alayah, but he's just heard too much about her being "fake" from all of the other women. He returned back into the room, and Chris Harrison announced that he was taking away one of the two remaining roses. Rose number 15 went to Mykenna. Thank goodness, she was practically about to pass out she was stressing so badly. Her faces while waiting up there with the other women were hilarious!

That meant that Jasmine, Sarah, Alexa, and Alayah were all sent home. Peter told her it wasn't easy, and she was very disappointed that the other women's opinions, not his, were what led to her going home. Peter said he didn't feel good about the decision in the end and started to question whether or not he should have asked her to stay.

Next Week
Victoria F. ends up on a date where she and Peter go to a Chase Rice concert - the problem? She used to date Chase Rice! Surprise, Peter! And, Alayah shows up because she wants to set the record straight. That obviously angers Sydney and it's hard to tell what the fallout will be.
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