LA beauty salon takes extra precautions amid coronavirus crisis

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- "I had three cancellations last week because they said they just didn't feel like they should get their hair done," hair stylist Renee Coleman said.

The coronavirus crisis has triggered a nationwide economic slowdown. Los Angeles mayor, Eric Garcetti, has ordered the closing of gyms, bars, movie theaters and in-person dining.

Beauty shops haven't been ordered to close, however. Pure Pleasure Salon in LA is trying to stay open, but owner Melanie Berry said they have seen a drop in business.

"I'm operating a business so when the stylists aren't making money, I'm not making money," Berry said. "When the community is not making money from their jobs, then they don't have any income to get their hair done."

Sanitation has always been a number one priority at Pure Pleasure Salon, but they said since the rise in cases of coronavirus they have been taking extra precautions.

"We ask our clients if they're coming in if they're sick," Berry said. "If they've been sick, to make sure when they come in make their appointment, that they're not sick."

"We make sure all the clients, when they come in, they wash their hands," Coleman said. "We sanitize and wipe down all the dryers, the chairs as we use them."

Because hair styling involves such close contact, they said they do understand why people have a fear of coming into shop.

However, they also said they understand that they're not alone in this struggle and hair stylist Cassandra Morris said they will keep doing what they need to do to alleviate as much fear as possible.

"Just letting them know, we're keeping everything sanitized and if you feel comfortable and you want to wear a mask or something like that, we will do the same just so that they feel comfortable," Morris said. "It's not just affecting us, it's affecting everybody. It's really, really hard, but with God we know all things are possible and it will work out."

Pure Pleasure Salon is located at 2149 W. Manchester Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90047.

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