Guero's Cocina Mexicana struggles to stay open during coronavirus crisis

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Guero's Cocina Mexicana joins the long list of small businesses and restaurants across Southern California struggling with the decision to remain open during the coronavirus crisis.

With the new "Safer At Home" ordinance now in effect, restaurants are only allowed to serve delivery or takeout orders, decimating their businesses.

Gerardo Elizalde, owner of Guero's Cocina Mexicana in downtown Los Angeles said, "Oh my goodness, like 80 percent, the difference...It's hard for me, but what I can do?"

Inglewood resident George Haley works in downtown Los Angeles and prefers to dine-in, but knows the importance of helping small businesses right now: "Bills still have to be paid on the first of the month or whenever your bills are, so if small businesses can't work, that puts a lot more people out on the street."

"They're not going to be able to afford to sustain their living," Haley added. "That's why it's important to support small businesses during this time."

Federal, state and local governments are currently working on financial plans to support local businesses. While we wait for those programs to be finalized, it's evident that supporting small businesses is important now more than ever.
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