Nathalie Kelley talks about 'The Baker and the Beauty'

NEW YORK -- "The Baker and the Beauty" is heading into its second week on ABC and viewers want to know, what will Daniel's third wish be from Noa?

"What I like about the wishes is that it's a big role reversal. It's a Prince Charming/Cinderella, concept right? But wait, is that the fairy tale, no that's Aladdin with the three wishes, but well it's a fairy tale concept that we've kind of turned on its head," said Nathalie Kelley, "Noa." "And it's the woman, Noa, granting all these wishes making his dreams come true, where normally in movies it's the other way around, so that's what's exciting to me about this show."

Kelley said that she loved all of Noa's characteristics and she was a fan of the original Israeli version of the show.

"There was like a real effortlessness with the way she inhabited that character, and normally when we think about celebrities we have this idea of them, this projection of that image that we see in a magazine, but it's very hard to grasp the reality of the person behind that," Kelley said. "And I thought I'd really like to bring this version of Noa alive."

Kelley promises that the show depicts the full scope of a "real life" relationship with Noa and Daniel (Victor Rasuk).

"From the beginning, meeting, to the butterflies, dating, and the honeymoon phase, and I'm not going to give the rest away, but it really twists and turns the way a real relationship would," she said.

Don't miss the next episode of "The Baker and the Beauty," Monday at 10/9c on ABC.
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