Actress Jenifer Lewis makes plea for unity: 'We can't be divided. We have to come together.'

Artist and activist Jenifer Lewis says she's 25% show business and 75% the resistance, and wants to use her platform to uplift, motivate and inspire this next generation.
GLENDALE (KABC) -- Longtime artist and activist Jenifer Lewis joined Eyewitness News at 5pm to share her thoughts on the recent protests for social justice. Lewis was spurred into action when the Aids epidemic started and she saw many of her friends die.

"And I haven't stopped!" said Lewis. "I am 25% show business and 75% the resistance now! I have a huge platform where I can uplift, motivate and inspire this next generation."

Lewis added: "This generation is not like mine. They are not having it. And they will stay in the streets until legislative reform is happening."

The star of ABC's "black-ish" paid tribute to the writers of the hit sitcom for not being afraid to tackle tough subjects on the series.

"Everybody needs to stand up now," said Lewis. 'We can't be divided. We have to come together."

Lewis also stressed the need for leadership during this current world health crisis.

"We need somebody to tell us what is going on exactly with this pandemic," said Lewis. "We need information, we need to be educated."

Lewis also gave thanks to those who have stood up and marched for justice, in every country.

"There is oppression all over the world. This is not just our fight,' said Lewis. "The pandemic is everywhere. Civil unrest is everywhere. And it's time for that 1% to let trickle down."

Still, Lewis is hopeful from what she sees in today's young people.

"These kids are excited to move on, to get better, to build a better country," said Lewis. 'I look them in their eyes every day. They're excited about it."
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