Happy Ice food truck opens storefront in the Fairfax District

From food truck to storefront, here's how one business got to see their shop open on Melrose Avenue this month.
FAIRFAX DISTRICT (KABC) -- "Imagine if ice cream sorbet and shaved ice all came together to make one product. It would make Happy Ice," said Happy Ice owner Lemeir Mitchell.

While Mitchell started selling his colorful sweet treat from a food truck, he now has a storefront location on Melrose Avenue.

"Happy Ice is a product that's called 'Philadelphia Water' where I'm from. I'm born and raised in Philadelphia. When I came out here, I really was craving this product so much, but I couldn't get it," Mitchell said.

With the support of his mother in 2017, he launched his first Happy Ice food truck.

"I didn't have a bunch of money to spend on a storefront. So, when I called my mom with the idea, and she backed me and she was just as excited as me about it, that was all I needed to go forward with my dream and that's what I did," Mitchell said.

Along the way, he met his now co-founding partner Ted Foxman.

Foxman said he fell in love with the brand when trying the dessert as a customer.

"I looked at everybody and they looked at me and I said, 'It's pretty great, right?'" Foxman said.

When Foxman joined Mitchell, the two had their sights set on one day opening a storefront.

But like many, they didn't know what 2020 would bring.

First, there were setbacks from the coronavirus pandemic. Most recently, protests took place in the area just before Happy Ice opened.

But Mitchell said he feels support from the community where his shop now stands.

"I really want people to feel special," said Mitchell.
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