Local physician says another stay-at-home order is possible as COVID-19 hospitalizations rates rise

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- During a special segment focusing on common questions about COVID-19, a local doctor said it's possible that Los Angeles will see another stay-at-home order.

"I'm going to say unfortunately and potentially so, just so that we do not see an increase in hospitalizations, an increase in our death rate," said Dr. Anu Seshadri with UCLA Health.

In order to prevent that, Seshadri stressed the importance and effectiveness of masks, especially when paired with physical distancing.

"It's not only common courtesy, it's protecting other people. You don't know who you're in close proximity with...When you're at the grocery store, yes, the elderly population are considered to be high-risk patients. But what if you're next to a 31-year-old Type 1 diabetic. Just because they're young... that's who you're protecting."

Seshadri said that will make it possible to lower the hospitalization rate, the death rate and give us time until a vaccine is available. Still, there's plenty of uncertainty and unanswered questions surrounding the vaccine, including its safety and how long it will protect people who receive it, she said.

"There are some vaccines that can protect you lifelong, there are some vaccines that you see with the flu that have to be tweaked up because of the different strains that are out there and we have to tweak that up every year so that's why you get re-vaccinated every year," Seshadri said.

A variety of other topics were discussed during the segment:

  • I was just recently exposed to a coworker who has tested positive. How many days should I wait before getting testing?

  • What are the rules to follow after you test positive but have no symptoms?

  • Is it a better idea to stay in a hotel or rent a house for a trip somewhere?

  • I'm a teacher and am concerned about getting COVID-19 from one of the students if they return to the classroom. Should I be worried?

  • Watch the full interview in the video above.
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