Disney+ brings the Muppets to life in new way with series 'Muppets Now'

Disney+ brings the Muppets to life in new way with new series 'Muppets Now'.
HOLLYWOOD -- "The Muppets" are TV veterans. They're movie stars. And now, they've entered the streaming world with their new unscripted show on Disney+, "Muppets Now." Kermit the Frog remains the ringleader of this group of fan favorite characters.

"Trust me, George, I am hard at work behind-the-scenes, making sure all the shows are working and getting put together and getting ready to be uploaded onto Disney+," said Kermit. "Muppets Now' is our- kind of our answer to the question of 'What would The Muppets look at and comment on right now in the age of streaming?' And it's a heck of a lot of fun. There's a lot of chaos in it in that crazy Muppet style that everybody loves."

Kermit reflected on what it means to be 'ageless'.

"Well, you know, I think it's because The Muppets are doing what we're meant to do and that's making people happy, George," said Kermit.

Some guests we'll see this season: Danny Trejo, Aubrey Plaza, Taye Diggs, Linda Cardellini, Seth Rogen, and RuPaul.

"RuPaul's so great and so many of The Muppets connect with RuPaul," said Kermit. "So, in the end, it really turns out to be a really great interview, I think."

"Muppets Now" is "now" on Disney+.
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