Gov. Newsom reportedly collected full salary despite promise to cut his own pay

SACRAMENTO (KABC) -- Gov. Gavin Newsom has reportedly been collecting his full salary despite a promise to cut his own pay when he ordered state workers' paychecks be reduced by 10%.

At the time, Newsom vowed to slash his pay because of the state's economic crisis brought about by the coronavirus pandemic.

But, according to data from the State Controller's Office obtained by the Sacramento Bee, the governor has continued to draw his full salary, which is $210,000 a year.

Newsom's office told the Bee an oversight by the state has resulted in the governor keeping his full pay, but that he has asked to have his pay reduced retroactively to July 1.

Out of eight of the state's elected constitutional officers, including the treasurer, secretary of state and the attorney general, the data shows State Controller Betty Yee was the only one to take the pay cut last month.

As the Sacramento Bee reported, statewide elected officers, including Newsom, are exempt from the pay cuts ordered in budget legislation. However, Newsom's office sent an email to the constitutional officers "encouraging them to request reductions immediately."
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