Iowa family adopts 69-year-old man with intellectual disabilities

RUNNELS, Iowa (KABC) -- After moving from home to home his entire life, a 69-year-old man with intellectual disabilities has finally found his forever family.

Michelle and Alan Vry never expected to add to their family after their two kids grew up and left home.

Then the Runnels, Iowa couple learned a local organization called Mosaic was looking for host homes for intellectually disabled adults.

That's when they met Homer Williams, Jr.

"When it happened I knew it was right," Michelle Vry said.

"The change it's made in my life after having Homer in our home is I am so much more grateful for everything I have had and taken for granted. The joy I get to see on his face every day is a new experience."

As for Homer, he summarized his new farm life simply: "It's heaven!"

Homer now spends his days with the animals, playing music and enjoying the company of his new family.

Mosaic currently has about 85 host homes like the Vrys' in central Iowa that have taken in people who need a forever home.
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