Man who documented 'miserable' trip to Puerto Rico returns with smiling family

Kevin Blanford couldn't take his wife with him on an April trip to Puerto Rico. But after photos from his "miserable" trip went viral, Puerto Rico offered Blanford and his family to come back and have a much happier vacation.

In April, Blanford had posted photos of a recent trip he had taken to Puerto Rico, with each image featuring him making a sad or expressionless face. Blanford had won a free trip but couldn't take his Bonnie wife who was looking over their 7-month-old daughter Gwyneth Paige back home.

Blanford's photos quickly went viral and even caught the eye of Puerto Rico natives. "Basically what happened was the hotel and the ad agency for tourism saw the post and offered me a trip back," Blanford told ABC. "They just wanted me to smile this time. So that's what we did!"

In the new pictures from his trip, posted to Reddit on Thursday, Blanford and his family can be seen revisiting the same locations on his "miserable" trip. This time, however, Blanford and his family are nothing but smiles.

The Puerto Rico Tourism Twitter account also shared images of Blanford and his family having fun in the tropical sun.

PHOTOS: Man documents 'miserable' vacation to Puerto Rico
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