Foster kids overcome obstacles, graduate high school

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- It was an emotional ceremony for 175 foster kids, who overcame obstacles to mark a big milestone in their lives - they graduated high school and all of them are heading to college.

It was a proud moment for the high school graduates at Walt Disney Concert Hall Thursday night.

They were recognized for outstanding academic achievements, and all of them are setting their sights on college, thanks to a million dollars in scholarships.

Many of the teens have spent years in the Los Angeles County foster care system.

"I've been in over 22 different foster homes including two group homes," described Victor, a graduate.

Determination, hard work and a lot of support helped them overcome the obstacles.

"I've been on my own. I really haven't had my family since I was 15. So it means a lot. It means that I can get through anything, only if I put my mind to it," said Jennifer, another graduate.

Quadruplets Madison, Tiffany, Paris and Bianca were placed in separate foster homes at times while they were growing up. The sisters celebrated graduation together, and three of them will attend the same college.

"It's an amazing feeling. We're all like succeeding together and we're graduating together, we're going through life together," Tiffany said.

As the teens continue their educations, donors are providing more than a million dollars in scholarships.

"My long-term goal is to be a federal agent in the FBI somewhere," Victor said.

The graduates said they'll keep reaching for their dreams.
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