ABC7 Salutes: Subscription box company Military Made focuses on products made by veterans

The subscription box company Military Made features products exclusively made by veterans and military spouses.
LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- The subscription box company Military Made features products exclusively made by veterans and military spouses.

"The idea of what Military Made is, is not just opening a box and saying here's a lot of cool stuff, but it's like opening a box and learning about people who've served our country or who have supported those who've served our country," said founder and CEO Bill Deutch, based in Los Angeles.

He got the idea after producing eight years of an employment show called "Hiring America," which highlights the challenges veterans face getting jobs in civilian life.

"By doing it the way that we've done, we're really creating a vehicle to create awareness around these companies, help these entrepreneurs grow their businesses, and what we know about veteran-owned businesses, is they hire more veterans than non-veteran owned businesses," said Deutch.

Like Brotallion, an apparel company for Army aviators by Army aviators. Their main mission is to help support families of those who have died in Army aviation accidents.

"It means a lot to us because as we move forward, we're ultimately trying to grow our community, make sure our community is noticed and then like I said, ultimately it all comes back to the families that we're here to support and help," said Brett Kroll, the marketing director for Brotallion who's also on active Army duty.

Brotallion is a fairly new company that was selected, compared to some of the more established brands in the first box.

"Which you know, we found to be extremely beneficial for us as we're growing our brand on the marketing side and to get our name out there and help us grow," said Kroll.

Four subscription boxes will be mailed out every year, each with about nine different products inside. They come with cards that tell each company's military story.

"By people buying the box, they're helping to support these businesses. And as they learn about the businesses, they will then continue to buy their products," said Deutch.

A portion of each sale goes to Hiring America Serves, a nonprofit that supports training and education services for veterans. For more information, go to
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