Hundreds of health care workers receive COVID-19 vaccine in Pasadena

The city of Pasadena is moving forward with getting more health professionals vaccinated against COVID-19.

More than 500 nurses and staff working in long-term care facilities have begun receiving the Moderna vaccine, including staff at nursing homes and dialysis centers.

"Relief, huge relief. This is a big relief for all of us who work in health care," said the administrator of a senior rehab center. "My staff and I are very, very excited to get this shot right now to start healing what we've gone through the last nine months."

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It's a health care nightmare right now in LA County. With resources so scarce, hospitals have to focus on patients who have the highest chance of survival.

The vaccinations are being administered in a drive-thru format, and there's more than 100 of those facilities in the city.

"Unfortunately, we have seen a lot of deaths in our senior care facilities in Pasadena throughout COVID. It's essential that the staff at these facilities get vaccinated," said Lisa Derderian with the City of Pasadena.

Before leaving, those receiving the shot are observed for 15 minutes to make sure there are no adverse reactions.

"There is some hesitation, some feel if they already had COVID that they are not going to get it again, therefore they don't need the vaccine. That has not been proven," Derderian said.

For many of the health care worker who have been vaccinated, there was no hesitation.

"Not only are we worried about us getting sick, but our families getting sick," said the rehab center administrator.

After several long months, the moment they receive the vaccine brings hope.
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