'The Good Doctor' flips focus to Dr. Lim for special episode

A new episode of "The Good Doctor" puts the spotlight on Dr. Lim and how she handles her very stressful job.
LOS ANGELES -- "The Good Doctor" is flipping things around for a new episode. We'll see things entirely from the perspective of Christina Chang's character, Dr. Audrey Lim.

The actress was thrilled to get this opportunity.

"It was a great surprise," said Chang. "I was given a little heads up, not much, but a little bit!"

This episode puts the spotlight on Dr. Lim and how she handles her very stressful job, and it allows us to see a different side to the character.

"Yes! We know she likes her scotch, we know she's an adrenaline junkie," said Chang. "It's another thing to actually see her listening to music and riding that motorcycle, right? It's fun."

In real life, film and television production is still up and running in Vancouver, where "The Good Doctor" is shot. Chang says the protocols are beyond careful.

"They're running a tight ship," said Chang.

The season began with a two-part episode that focused on the COVID-19 crisis in their fictional medical world. The show then jumped ahead to a future where things have returned to some semblance of normal.

"They felt it was important to sort of leave that where it was and to move into the world where COVID happened," said Chang. "Basically a world we want to live in, that we're approaching. It happened, but we're out of it now."

"The Good Doctor" airs Monday nights on ABC.
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