Cool Kids Emma Thompson, Marin Trunkey teach after-school art program

SAUGUS, SANTA CLARITA (KABC) -- Our ABC7 Cool Kids for Thursday, May 25, are Emma Thompson and Marin Trunkey, who are teaching young kids about art.

Emma, 17, and Marin, 18, go to Emma's elementary school, Highlands Elementary, once a week to teach the young kids.

"If there's no creativity in the world, then what's the point? I think that all these kids should learn art. I think art should kind of be as important as a math, or an English, or science, or history," Emma said.

The after-school program started earlier this year. The Saugus High School seniors not only teach the class, they created the curriculum and said it's all about being hands-on.

"I try to let them use as many mediums as possible. We've done water color, oil pastel. We try to get as much in as possible so they can get a full range of all the different techniques," Marin said.

The girls said even though they're teaching the kids, they learn something, too.

The elementary school principal said his students have formed a special bond with Emma and Marin because they can relate to one another.

"It's not the adult coming in and saying, 'This is the way everything has to go. This is what has to happen here.' These are children teaching children - young adults teaching children," Paul Martinsen said.

Officials said the program is the first-of-its-kind in the district. Emma and Marin will soon graduate, but said they're training other students to continue the art program.
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