US Marine Corps recruiter inspires students for military service

TORRANCE, Calif. (KABC) -- Sgt. Miranda Ryle says her life was saved by joining the United States Marine Corps. Now, she's bringing her passion for her career to others who may be wondering what to do in life. Ryle's own mission in life is clear: to serve.

"Basically, the Marine Corps didn't just change my life and help me be more successful - it saved me," said Ryle.

Ryle had a tough childhood, but her grandfather, who was a Navy veteran, inspired her will to serve. That's how she came to join the Marines.

She says it's there she found a sense of belonging. But it wasn't until she became a recruiter that she truly found her passion, speaking to young people.

"I go there and speak to the students and let them know about the different scholarship opportunities, education opportunities, on-the-job experience opportunities that we can help provide them with in order to make them successful in life," said Ryle.

Ryle's colleagues, and the students she's recruited, all say it is her dedication to each person that makes her so great at what she does.

"I think that her passion is what makes her so successful. She genuinely believes in the Marine Corps. And every time she sits down with a young man or woman, it's about the person," said U.S. Marine Corps Staff Sgt. Jason Howton.

"She's an individual that gives it all, gives her all. If she talks to you, if she wants you to be part of the team, she definitely means that," said U.S. Marine Corps Sgt. Josue Fragoso.

"She's like a great motivator... reaching out with other people, giving us more opportunities," said Tyler Washington, a U.S. Marine Corps poolee.

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