ABC7 SoCal Spotlight: Cunning Dental

Saturday, November 11, 2017
ABC7 SoCal Spotlight: Cunning Dental
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We're shining the SoCal Spotlight on one of your most important features, your smile.

Today we're shining the SoCal Spotlight on one of your most important features, your smile.

Research has shown time and again that having a great smile not only can have a positive affect on your self-confidence but can also improve overall happiness in life.

The Cunning Dental group in Montclair is really a family affair. Dr. Cunning and his family have been serving the community for going on 48 years offering full dental services as well as special cosmetic dentistry all with the latest technology.

"What we want to do is give people piece of mind," explains Craig Hoffmann from the Cunning Dental Group. "Instead of just coming into the dental office saying fix me and I'm out of here, we actually sit you down, have a consultation, let you know what's up ahead of time, and this is not even including the cosmetic surgery."

In addition to the warm, friendly and welcoming environment, Cunning Dental offers something unique -- teeth in a day. In the simplest of terms, all of your teeth that need replacing can be taken care of in one day under light sedation.

Want to find out more about Cunning Dental? You can visit their website www.cunningdental.com where you can view their "smile gallery" showing many before and after images of the amazing cosmetic and restorative procedures they carry out there. They also offer seminars with former patients when new clients can see first hand just how things are done at Cunning Dental.